Frangitura delle olive ed estrazione olio

Our technology

The Ardenghesche Hills Cooperative offers genuine, high-quality products that are controlled at every step of the process. The batches of olives harvested by its members are processed individually, allowing for product traceability.

The oil, resulting from each member's single batch, is classified for acidity—the primary indicator of olive oil purity—and its freshnes at the various stages of processing and storage is monitored to maintain the highest quality

The process from accepting the olives to bottling


The small producers who are members of the cooperative represent the best of tradition in the cultivation of olive trees and guarantee the quantity and origin of the oil produced.

Defoliation and washing

At this stage the olives are washed to remove, dirt, leaves and twigs. The fruit is then ready for processing into oil. This cleaning, together with the selection of olives from the highest grade trees, ensures that top quality oil is produced.

Pressing, extraction

Pressing takes place on average within 12 hours of delivery to the mill. The olives are ground into a paste to facilitate the release of the oil. It is carried out by means of an instrument that carries out the grinding, after which the dough obtained enters the weaving tank where it is left for the time necessary before passing to centrifugal extraction and is carried out through a decanter.


At this final stage the oil is separated from any remaining impurities.